Saturday, October 28, 2017

Solo show in Richmond, Virginina

It's been a busy few weeks/ months!... I'm just back from Santa Fe's 'Paint Out' festival, and next week I'm of to Richmond, Virginia, for a major solo show with Chasen Galleries.  It's all go!

Opening night next Friday (Nov 3rd).
The gallery has just moved to 3101 Ellwood Avenue. For more info. (804) 204-1048.

You can see more work through there web page too -

Peruvian Lilies & Delphinium over Purple & Violet
24X36                                     Acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

More work at the Paint Out festival

Stop by Ventana Fine art on Canyon Road, #Santa_Fe tomorrow night for the group show opening. Or come watch me paint during the 'Paint Out' festival this Saturday.
Call for more info. 1-800-746-8815 

Here's just a few of my paintings at the show.‪‪

Acrylic                                          32" X 22"

Acrylic                                         36" X 18"


Acrylic                                        36" X 24"

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Santa Fe - Paint Out festival

Stop by #Santa_Fe this weekend, for the 'Paint Out' festival. Come watch me paint and see our wonderful group show at Ventana Fine art. The whole street is a real spectacle and there's countless other artists painting - a real fun event!

Show opening Friday night. The festival runs during the day on the Saturday.
Call for more info. 1-800-746-8815 ‪‪

Monday, October 9, 2017

Paint Out festival - Santa Fe

Coming up to the annual 'Paint Out' festival in #Santa_Fe. Looking forward to being at Ventana fine art, seeing friends and meeting people. Opening night on the Friday evening (20th), the Paint out event on the Saturday (21st). Stop by to see some new work, and watch me paint!

Steps to the Ocean
30X48                         Acrylic on wood

Check out more here
Call for more info. 1-800-746-8815 ‪‪

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sunflowers with Delphinium

I love how this one turned out... Sometimes you think, nothing to do with me! ;-)

Watermelon on Orange with Sunflowers & Delph.
42X30             Acrylic on wood

Monday, September 11, 2017

New representation in Palm Desert!

Excited to announce new representation in Palm Desert, CA with with Jones & Terwilliger Galleries. Stop by the gallery to see my new series of paintings in person? Or for more info. tel. 760-674-8989 or visit the link…/openangus.html

2 cloth series - Hyacinth, Limes & Lemons over purple and red
30X40                                    Acrylic on Canvas

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Commissioning to a theme

Recently I've had a run of 'commissioned' paintings where the collector has requested a similar painting to one that had previously sold. This is a reasonably common request; it's only natural to be inspired by a previous artwork and to feel regret for missing that opportunity. Commissioning a similar painting is a great solution to this.

I thought it would be fun to post a few of these recent paintings;- the final commissioned painting and the painting that served as its inspiration.

Pears & Lemons under Sunflowers
20X16                             Acrylic on panel

I think this original painting had sold a few weeks or possibly days, before the collector got the chance to purchase the work. We worked to a very similar size and brief to the original, but made a few changes. Primarily the size or type of the vase, and some of the fruit (both placement and type).

Papayas & Lemons under Sunflowers
20X16                             Acrylic on panel

There's a lot of commonality between the two paintings, but each has it's own unique flair.

*     *     *

Sun over calm
23.5 X 23.5                             Acrylic on canvas

This painting of the Californian coast had been painted and sold a good number of years ago. The collector was in love with the square format of the painting, and it's color design/choices. Together we worked on capturing a lot of that ambiance to a different scene. The two locations are actually physically pretty close to each other, and an area that I have painted often.

Sun over Cove
24X24                             Acrylic on canvas

 Since the original had been painting some years ago, my style and brush work had changed slightly. It was a fun challenge to try and recapture some of the past, and imitate my old approach/technique.

*     *     *
Daffodils on flower patterned tablecloth
34 X 34                             Acrylic on wood

Tulips & Papaya with blue
30 X 30                             Acrylic on canvas

The commission brief was to incorporate designs from two paintings, (see above). I worked with the collectors with my usual method of sharing various sketches and designs, until it was agreed what was needed from each 'inspiration' painting to be incorporated into the final design & painting.

Daffodil with Avocado & lemons on blue
34X34                             Acrylic on wood

What I enjoy about this painting is you can see elements, colors and ideas from each of the paintings within the commissioned piece, however it also sits proudly on its own!